Hold tensioning stud in place and rotate brass Nylock nut.  Continue until cable is fully tensioned.

Step 2

Pull cable through Pull-lock fitting until all slack is out of the cable.  Then cut cable.​

Cable Kits


A simple, affordable cable railing option for the value conscious consumer that wants the look of cable but at a lower cost.  Proudly made in the USA of marine-grade 316 stainless steel components and cable.  Perfect for interior and exterior use - decks, docks, balconies and stairways utilizing wood or solid composite posts.  Fittings are concealed in the post creating a clean, almost invisible infill.   

DekPro InvisiCable is offered as a kitted product.  Each cable railing kit completes one run (one strand) of cable using two fittings and a length of cable.  Cable kits come in a variety of lengths from 5' to 50'.  Each kit includes a tensioning fitting, a pull-lock fitting, end caps and cable.  Cables are all field trimmable to length.  Kits work for both level and stair railing applications.

Cable Installation

Dekpro™  InvisiCable - Cable Railing System

A.) Cut excess threads from stud (use cut-off wheel or hacksaw)

  B.)  Install finishing caps.​

Cable Kits Include:

Installation Overview

Installation Downloads

InvisiCable Guide

InvisiCable Catalog

Step 4

Step 1

Installation Basics

InvisiCable Brochure

Step 3

A.) Place washer and nut onto threaded tensioner stud.  B.)  Then run cable through all posts.​

1 - Cable with 2.75" Threaded Tensioner

1 - Pull-lock Fitting

1 - Brass Nylock Nut

2 - End Caps

​4 - Washers (2 for metal, 2 for wood)​​